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About Treasure Beach Design

Established in 2016, Treasure Beach Design Co-Owners and Founders Cheryl Rimmer and Tracy Cornwell decided to celebrate the beauty in seashells and bring them to life through creating uniquely custom designed pieces of jewelry.

All of the seashells are carefully collected and hand-crafted. The process of creation includes the seashells to be sanded, sculpted, drilled, and tumbled for three weeks into upscale pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. All pieces are constructed with sterling silver. The shells are completely natural with no chemical applications. TBD tumbles the seashells for three weeks to develop a very high gloss look. The look and feel of the finished product is that of glass. The tumbling process works to replicate the look of seashells when they are wet in the surf or on the beach. It brings out a very clean and clear look to the shell in order to see its original beauty.

The shells are carefully chosen for five different design features: color, size, shape, design, and pattern. The colors consists of blue/gray, yellow, orange, beige/cream, brown, black/brown, purple, and white. Many shells are multi-colored but are categorized by the most pronounced color of the shell. The size of the shell collected is a deciding factor in what type of jewelry piece it will become. The shape of the shell is important for deciding whether it is unique enough to hold its own as an abstract, naturally found piece or if it is a shell that is a perfect shape to sculpt into a particular piece like the alphabet letters, hearts, cats, dogs, fish, dolphins, etc. The design of a shell shows where there is a certain design feature within the shell and how that can be enhanced. Seashells in their finest attire have the most beautiful patterns that show very unique markings. For the person who can see the pictures that a seashell presents is a gifted person indeed!